EES Maastricht Conference = Stronger and emerging partnerships + European evaluation, and beyond + Innovation for the future

There are still a  fews days left for you to submit an abstract to the 12th EES Conference. Please do so! 

What can you expect to experience in Maastricht?
The answer lies in rhe EES 2016 Conference theme – Evaluation Futures in Europe and Beyond: Connectivity, Innovation and Use It was developed through brainstorming with members geared to the identification of  priority issues. It also built on your feedback from previous conferences. Three clusters of topics emerged  and they inforned Conference programme design:

1. Building stronger partnerships by reaching out beyond existing contacts and traditional networks.
In the Maastricht Conference we wish to link to evaluation use and demand, connect with a variety of disciplines, sectors and professions, reach out to non-evaluators, etc. We also expect to build on the momentum Initiated in Dublin by the EES Emerging Evaluators thematic working group. New approaches, new ideas will be triggered as a result

2. Linking European evaluation to the global evaluation agenda 
Based on Conference participants feedback we have put more emphasis on evaluation in Europe. We wish to define, explore, deepen our understanding of the European evaluation tradition as we look to the future. At the same time we wish to maintain the unique international character of EES conference, and explore the implications of the Global Evaluation agenda 2016-2020 and the post 2015 iSustainable Development Goals.

3. Creativity and Innovation
We will not do justice to the above priorities without new concepts, approaches and tools. This is where we need your ideas and your fulsome involvement. To facilitate participation we are planning free wheeling ‘un-conference’ sessions! 


Abstracts can only be submitted online. The Abstract Submission Deadline is 15 March 2016 (23:59 CET).

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