Your individual association can – and should – be part of the IOCE, an international movement that:

  • networks and collaborates worldwide
  • facilitates access to international evaluation developments
  • challenges evaluators to push forward the frontiers of knowledge in evaluation theory and practice
  • advances evaluation standards based on human rights and sustainability
  • enhances and supports cultural specificity in evaluation design and practice
  • increases the utilisation of evaluation internationally
  • builds capacity among emerging associations
  • helps to establish international consensus on the legitimacy and credibility of evaluation as part of civic responsibility and participation.

The IOCE promotes evaluation and support VOPEs (Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation, i.e. formal societies or associations or informal networks or communities of practice) so that they can better contribute to good governance and to effective decision making.

VOPEs can be

  • National in scope, or
  • Regional (multi-country networks of national evaluation organizations and/or individuals), or
  • International organisations that support Evaluation Capacity Development

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IOCE membership classes are:


Organisations on which contact information and a description are held on the IOCE database. Member applications must provide the name and contact information for up to three representatives.


Organizations that have contributed financially to support the mission of IOCE.with a miniumum annual donation of at least $100US.


Organizations that are not voluntary associations of individual members, but that support the mission of IOCE. (UNICEF, UNEG and the OECD/DAC EvalNet, for example).. Institutional Partners may or may not provide financial support to IOCE but are encouraged to do so.