Board Mission Statements

Silvia Salinas Mulder – President, IOCE

VOPEs are unique and powerful entities. In their diversity, they share the idea that evaluation can make a difference and contribute to a better, more equitable and sustainable world. As a dreamer and activist, having the opportunity to contribute to further boost the strategic role and transformational potential of VOPEs was my main motivation to become IOCE president in 2020. A worldwide network of over 150 VOPEs entails a unique opportunity to strengthen capacities, promote learning and exchange, articulate joint action, democratize opportunities and promote bottom-up global evaluation agendas and dialogue. The challenge is big, but I like ambitious projects…

Anna Harutyunyan – Member, Board of Trustees

IOCE being the platform through which the VOPEs all over the world have a chance to communicate with each other, learn from each other – is also a very significant organization through which it is  possible to reach real and impactful changes in strengthening the role of evaluation for evidence based decision making among grassroots up to the parliamentarians, the country and ultimately, the globe.

Sarah Farina – Treasurer, IOCE

I love working alongside my colleagues from around the world to advance the field and support our diverse member organizations to build evaluation to suit the context and challenges at hand.

Lynn Burgess – General Manager, IOCE

I love the diversity of the IOCE board members and the real volunteerism they show developing strategies and initiatives for VOPE members. The IOCE board members that I work with, are professional and passionate about ensuring “no one is left behind”.

Weronika Felcis – Secretary, IOCE

IOCE is the only organization in the global evaluation community that monitors and verifies the work of voluntary organizations for professional evaluation (VOPEs) at national and regional levels. Learning from others, discussing recurrent dilemmas in working groups and being entrusted as a young evaluator from Eastern Europe with co-shaping vision and strategy for IOCE and Evalpartners has been one of the greatest privileges of my professional work.

Chelladurai Solomon – Member, Board of Trustees

I, as the Chairperson, represent the regional voluntary organization for professional evaluations, Community of Evaluator South Asia (CoE-SA) to the Governing Board of International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE). My commitment and efforts for evaluation field-building in the South Asia region require a broader and credible platform to strengthen our mission further. I feel proud to be part of IOCE as it provides the necessary global support to the regional VOPEs, which have immense value and recognition. I hope and work for mutual solidarity support to strengthen the shared mission of field-building for value evaluation in improving peoples’ lives.

Celeste Ghiano – Member, Board of Trustees

As the Latin American & the Caribbean Evaluation Network (ReLAC) representative in IOCE I’m really motivated to learn about other networks ‘cultures and their ways to think and do evaluation.  I´m also committed to share with my board mates and their communities our perspectives and experiences, from interculturality, popular education and solidarity.  Even though our recent development -as the big effort we´re doing to tackle gender inequality, hunger, discrimination, etc., – we still have many lessons to learn from our partners. I’m convinced that networking and collective thinking is the best way to grow as a global evaluation community.

Mamadou Coulibaly – Member, Board of Trustees

While it was once accepted that the road precedes development, today we are all convinced that evaluation plays this role. Because no nation can develop sustainably without a culture of accountability. 

But how do you increase public awareness and validate assessment globally without language barriers? It is truly to this question that the IOCE provides an answer through the contribution of the VOPES. Therefore, the ICOE should be seen as one of the best forums for advancing the theory and practice of evaluation around the world. TO EVALUATE IS TO DEVELOP. 

Tsigereda Bekele – Member, Board of Trustees

What excites me the most about being associated with the IOCE is,

  • The effort for evaluation to have a more global approach- taking learning from each continent
  • There is continuous development in evaluation methods and practice reflected through the work we do
  • Very committed BoDs striving to professionalize evaluation through the toolkit, networking and using different platforms
  • Strong belief in VOPEs to make difference in evaluation practice and working towards that

Mohammed Amer Qaryouti – Vice President, IOCE

“I’m a huge proponent of evaluation, being part of the IOCE helps me better position the evaluation theory and practice in the region that I represent at the IOCE, which is in need for sustainable development.

Being part of IOCE allow me to provide my perspective for evaluation, and contribute to the overall movement to advance evaluation at the global level on one hand, this allow me also to learn about other leaders of the evaluation community in the world on the other hand, get a better grasp of their way of thinking and any innovative approaches they might have to advance the evaluation as a profession and as a practice”

Alena Lappo – Member, Board of Trustees

“I am passionate about evaluation and the value it brings to improving programmes and projects. IOCE brings together partners to exchange experiences and further develop evaluation in different regions; to build tailor-made approaches for each region yet speak with one voice about the contribution of evaluation.”

Donna Podems – Member, Board of Trustees

As a past board member and the representative of one of the largest, national evaluation associations (AEA) located in the global North, and a past board member of one of the smaller ones from the global North (SAMEA), I bring various perspectives on the need for, and value of, IOCE. While these perspectives may at times offer different concrete reasons for supporting IOCE, they also share similarities. Whether I view IOCE from my AEA or my SAMEA perspective,  each perspective values IOCE for its unique ability to support evaluation and evaluators by encouraging the fundamental goodness of humanity through strengthening VOPES with shared learning, networking, collaborations, and friendships. 

Andrea Wherle

For me to be part of IOCE is to be part of a friendly community full of learnings and experiences where I can grow up in a personal and in a professional way. 

Ailhyn Bolaños

IOCE is an opportunity to share, create and learn about evaluation. The richness of being part of IOCE as the Latin American and Caribbean Evaluation Network is to interchange our regional experiences and to promote the dialogue from our approaches, methodologies and complexities.

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