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Evaluation is a means for program, organizational and social improvement.

The IOCE represents national and regional Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Middle East. It strengthens international evaluation through the exchange of evaluation methods, theories and practice, and promotes good governance and recognition of the value evaluation has in improving peoples’ lives. It is committed to cultural diversity, inclusiveness and bringing different evaluation traditions together in respect of that diversity. 

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(acr.)  voluntary organizations for professional evaluation. An umbrella term for all kinds of groups interested in advancing evaluation as a profession. VOPEs can function at regional and national levels and bring together evaluation practitioners from various fields – including government, academia and non-governmental organizations.

VOPEs promote equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations, and aim to influence organizational and national evaluation policies in benefit of society at large.


EvalPartners, formed by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and the UN, is an innovative partnership whose members are Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs). Together, these partners strive to influence policymakers, public opinion, and other key stakeholders into recognizing the need on effective evaluation as necessary to any important decision. Please visit the EvalPartners website for up to date information www.evalpartners.org

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