About Us

The IOCE represents international, national, sub-national and regional Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) worldwide. It strengthens international evaluation through the exchange of evaluation methods and promotes good governance and recognition of the value evaluation has in improving peoples’ lives. 




(acr.)  voluntary organizations for professional evaluation. An umbrella term for all kinds of groups interested in advancing evaluation as a profession. VOPEs can function at regional and national levels and bring together evaluation practitioners from various fields – including government, academia and non-governmental organizations.

About VOPEs

VOPEs promote equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations, and aim to influence organizational and national evaluation policies in benefit of society at large.



The development of national VOPEs began with the establishment of the Eastern Evaluation Research Society in 1978 and the Canadian Evaluation Society in 1981. The need for global exchange of evaluation practices led to the establishment of the International Development Evaluation Association in 2002 and the IOCE in 2003.



The number of regional, national, and international VOPEs increased from 15 in 1999 to more than 188 by the end of 2013. A new type of VOPE also emerged in 2013: the Parliamentarians Forum on Development Evaluation in South Asia, a self-organized group of members of Parliament from South Asian countries interested in advancing evaluation in their countries.