IOCE Launches New Logo!

Dear VOPE members & IOCE partners,

As we start the new year, we are delighted to communicate a few new beginnings at the IOCE.

It’s with great excitement that we unveil the new IOCE logo! We have opened this decision to the global evaluation community in December 2020, asking you to vote for your favourite design.

Two designs were in the running, but the design that received the eval community and the IOCE Board’s final vote during today’s inaugural Board Meeting of 2021, is the one below:

The IOCE acts as the international umbrella body for Voluntary Organisations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) across the globe and represents the VOPE voice within the EvalPartners family. Some of you may therefore recognise the visual element in our new logo…

A new identity that aligns more closely with EvalPartners and its visible family of networks: EvalYouth, EvalGender+, EVALSDGs, EvalIndigenous and the Global Parliamentary Forum for Professional Evaluation (GPFE). An identity that supports the message of cooperation, collaboration and partnership in evaluation, above all.

We look forward to rolling out the new logo and visual identity in the coming weeks, coupled with a webinar about the IOCE’s new chapter in the first quarter of the year.

We also take the greatest pleasure in introducing a new member to the IOCE Board. A warm welcome to Sana Ben Salem, who is representing the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to the Board, and brings a wealth of experience through her participation in various evaluation networks and national associations.

When I took on the role as President of the IOCE, my statement read that the Global Crisis presents a one-time and maybe last time opportunity to rethink, strengthen and maximize the commitment and contributions of the evaluation profession and organizations for a better, inclusive and more sustainable world. In 2021, we hope to strengthen collaboration with all our partners globally to bring us a step closer to this world we envision.

Silvia Salinas Mulder
IOCE President


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