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The IOCE is a network of member organizations. The IOCE pursues its mission to promote evaluation and support VOPEs (Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation, i.e. formal societies or associations or informal networks or communities of practice) so that they can better contribute to good governance and to effective decision making. The IOCE works to strengthen the role of civil society in evaluation on behalf of the Members of the IOCE Network.

During the 2011 IOCE Annual General Meeting the definition of Membership was changed. VOPEs can now become Members of IOCE in several ways as described below:

Members of the IOCE Network include 3 types of organizations:

  • National VOPEs
  • Regional VOPEs (multi-country networks of national evaluation organizations and/or individuals)
  • International organisations that support Evaluation Capacity Development

These different types of Membership are defined as:

Members: Organisations on which contact information and a description are held on the IOCE database. As part of their application for membership of the network, all members will send the Secretariat of IOCE the name and contact information for up to three representatives who will be invited to join the listserv. Each member organization is responsible for notifying the IOCE Secretariat of any change in representative or contact person(s).

Contributing Members: Organizations that have contributed financially to support the mission of IOCE. These can be any of the types identified above. They are invited to join the IOCE-EvaLeaders listserv, participate in Annual General Meetings, and serve as the IOCE Global Advisory Committee. Contributing Members are identified by gold stars on the world map on the website. – To qualify as a Contributing Member a minimum financial contribution of $100 is required. Amounts greater than that may be contributed, based on the resources of the organization.

Institutional Partners: Organizations that are not voluntary associations of individual members, but that support the mission of IOCE. Examples are UNICEF, UNEG and the OECD/DAC EvalNet. Institutional Partners may or may not provide financial support to IOCE.

Organizations can become recognized as Members of the IOCE Network if they:

  1. have accepted an invitation from IOCE to be officially recognized,
  2. are formal societies or associations, or informal networks representing voluntary memberships of evaluators, i.e. not commercial for-profit agencies or consultancy firms,
  3. have identified one or more contact persons,
  4. have submitted a profile (e.g. response to the IOCE questionnaire), and
  5. have joined the IOCE-Network listserv, or, in the case of Contributing Members, have joined the IOCE-EvaLeaders listserv.

Organizations that contribute financially to IOCE and thus become recognized as Contributing Members of IOCE will be welcome to identify up to three contact persons. These representatives will be invited to join the listserv, through which they will be invited to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other exchanges among leaders of other Contributing Members as part of an on-going Advisory Committee to the IOCE Board.

Each Contributing Member organization should identify one official Representative who will be entitled to vote on behalf of that Contributing Member organization during the AGM. Each Contributing Member is entitled to one (1) vote at the AGM.

Membership fees

Though no minimum fees or dues are required of organizations that want to become Regular Members of the IOCE Network, all IOCE Members are encouraged to make voluntary contributions to support the work of IOCE. To qualify as a Contributing Member a minimum financial contribution of $100 is required. Amounts greater than that may be contributed, based on the resources of the organization.

The minimum fee does not preclude any Member contributing a greater amount in any form, including grants or sponsorships. Such amounts are voluntary, depending on each Member Organization’s determination of the value it places on its partnership with and support of the mission of IOCE, and its resources relative to other Member Organizations.

In addition to being recognized as Contributing Members, those Institutional Partners that make significant contributions may, at their request and at the discretion of the IOCE Board of Trustees, have their logos displayed on the IOCE website and on any print material developed by the IOCE.

How to make financial contributions to IOCE

You can submit funds to IOCE via any one of the following methods:

International Wire Transfer:

Note: If you are paying by a Wire Transfer, please advise the Secretariat so it can be confirmed.

Payment by Cheque or Money Order:

Send a cheque or money order made payable to IOCE and mail to the IOCE National Office, 2- 555 Hall Ave E Renfrew, Ontario K7V 4M7 CANADA.

Payment using PayPal:

Use our new online secure payment form through PayPal.

If you want to be invoiced, fax the completed form to + 1-613-432-6840.

For further information, contact the Secretariat of the IOCE:
Phone: 001 613 432 9491
Fax: 001 613 432 6840

Relationship between the Membership and the IOCE Board of Trustees

The IOCE Board of Trustees is composed of representatives elected by Member Organizations (whether or not they are Contributing Members) on the basis of geographical region, which have traditionally been identified as

  • North America: 2 representatives, one selected by CES, another by AEA
  • Australasia: 1 representative selected by AES
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: 2 representatives selected by ReLAC
  • Western Europe: 1 representative selected by EES
  • Eastern Europe and CIS: 1 representative selected by IPEN
  • Africa: 2 representatives selected by AfrEA
  • South Asia: 1 representative selected by CoE
  • East Asia/Oceania: 1 representative

The basis on which representation takes place will be reviewed periodically to reflect newly formed regional entities.

Termination of Membership

An IOCE Membership can be terminated when:

(a) the Member VOPE (evaluation society, association or network) is inactive, abandoned or dissolved; or
(b) the organization decides to disassociate with IOCE and resigns its membership; or
(c) the IOCE Board of Trustees determines that the member organization is no longer a viable entity, or is a commercial enterprise rather than a voluntary association of evaluators, or has acted contrary to the mission, objectives or best interests of the IOCE. Before taking action, the Trustees must allow adequate opportunity for representatives of the organization to be heard on the issue.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting of the Contributing Members will be held on a day and time determined by the Board of Trustees. To reflect the global membership of IOCE, the meeting will be virtual in format. The Board of Trustees will establish the agenda for the annual meeting, including reports from the Trustees and working committees, the financial statements and the report of the auditors and other business as identified.

In doing so it shall pay due note to matters submitted for inclusion by Contributing Members. Matters not included on the agenda of an annual meeting shall, if supported by two-thirds of the Members participating and entitled to vote, be added to the agenda for the meeting. Any Member of the IOCE (not just Contributing Members) can contact the secretary of the IOCE to include an item on the agenda subject to available time.

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