Global Evaluation Agenda 2020 Review Survey!


Dear IOCE Members,

Greetings from EvalPartners! 

You are invited to provide input into a key review survey as part of a stocktaking exercise for the EvalAgenda2020. EvalPartners taskforce on EvalAgenda is excited to launch a stocktaking of actions inspired by the EvalAgenda, which includes this survey and a review of other sources of data. The exercise will gather data from EvalPartners networks, key partners, VOPEs and other key actors who have contributed to EvalAgenda and are inspired by it.  

A common Global Evaluation Agenda was first developed in 2015, known as EvalAgenda2020. This document set out 4 dimensions for shared action within the global evaluation community: 

  1. Strengthening an enabling environment for evaluation, 
  2. Strengthening institutional capacities, including those of VOPEs and civil society, 
  3. Strengthening individual capacities for evaluation, and 
  4. Strengthening the inter-linkages between each of these dimensions. 

We are looking forward to continuing global collaboration and partnership through a shared global EvalAgenda. We are beginning by reviewing the EvalAgenda2020 and will gather input about what should be included in a renewed EvalAgenda. 

Please complete this survey until 5 June 2021 to share information about actions and progress in key dimensions of EvalAgenda2020 and provide input to a renewed EvalAgenda for global collaboration. 

There are several detailed questions relating to all actions and outcomes laid out in EvalAgenda2020. The survey is divided into seven sections. Please skip any questions or sections that are not relevant to you. It can take from 10 minutes up to an hour to complete the survey depending on how much inputs you would like to provide. 

Global Evaluation Agenda 2020 Review Survey Link are below: 

The survey is designed in a very user-friendly structure; and gives you the ability to submit your responses at any of the sections or skip from one section to another to navigate. 

If you have questions about this survey or your participation, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Farina, Evidence Matters Program Lead at (var ujNFdRekA = ‘’;
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EvalPartners Secretariat