World Bank IEG country case study for Undernutrition and Its Determinants Evaluation

Terms of Reference – National Consultant (STC)
Three positions – One each in Niger, Rwanda, Indonesia
Application Closing: No later than March 22, 2020.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Send application to: Jenny Gold, Senior Evaluation Officer,  


The World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) is carrying out an evaluation on Undernutrition and Its Determinants. The evaluation will assess what has been the contribution of the World Bank to reducing undernutrition and its determinates (related to decreasing stunting and anemia and increasing exclusive breastfeeding and dietary diversity). The evaluation will be conducted in fiscal year 2020 and be finalized early fiscal year 2021.

The evaluation will be theory-based using an adapted version of the UNICEF framework for optimal nutrition/ improving malnutrition. Core to this framework are nutrition sensitive and nutrition specific interventions to address undernutrition.  The framework also has an assumption of multisectorality: nutrition-sensitive interventions in four categories broadly influence results beyond the scope of any one sector:  i) dietary and food practice, ii) feeding and care of children and women and girls during pregnancy/preconception, iii) health service utilization, and iv) water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). 

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