Consultancy Assignment - Defining membership, governance and developing a constitution for the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation

Terms of reference for Consultancy Assignment


The parliamentarians’ movement for evaluation has rapidly grown in the past few years, particularly during 2014-2015. Regional parliamentarians’ fora were created in Africa, East Asia, (, Latin America ( and MENA. The first ever parliamentarians’ forum, the Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation (PFDE) was established in South Asia in early 2013 ( The African Parliamentarians Network on Development Evaluation (APNODE) was initiated at the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) conference held in Yaounde, Cameroon in March 2014. Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) was launched on 25 Nov 2015 at the Parliament of Nepal while celebrating the International Year of Evaluation 2015.

GPFE is currently governed by a Steering Committee comprised of one parliamentarian from each geographical region. Currently members of the GPFE are individual parliamentarians rather than regional fora or national parliaments. The compatibility of GPFE objectives with regional parliamentarians fora objectives is also at issue. Therefore a decision was made at the Third Global Evaluation Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan that GPFE should define its membership and governance, and develop a constitution. This work will be entrusted with a consultant.


Tasks of the consultant

The consultant is expected to perform the tasks listed below in consultation with the GPFE Steering Committee members, GPFE members, members of regional parliamentarians’ fora and of their executive committees, and individuals in organizations supporting the GPFE.

  1. Define the goals of the GPFE and their alignment with regional parliamentarians’ fora.
  2. Define the membership to the GPFE (including criteria, process for becoming a member, membership request application, membership fee if any, member rights and obligations etc.).
  3. Define the governance structure (including the structure of the GPFE, the distribution of power and responsibility, the election of the Chair, the composition of the Steering Committee, selection/election of Steering Committee members, their role, duration of the term, accountability, etc.).
  4. Define options for the relationship and alignment with regional parliamentarians’ fora.
  5. Draft a constitution for GPFE with all the necessary elements in consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  6. Incorporate feedback and finalize the constitution.
  7. Develop an implementation strategy.
  8. For each step above, consultation of relevant stakeholders is crucial.


Deliverables of the consultancy

The consultant is expected to submit following deliverables:

  1. Draft and final goals, membership rules, and governance strategy.
  2. Draft and final constitution.
  3. Draft and final implementation strategy.
  4. Account of recommendations from stakeholder.
  5. Presentation to the current GPFE Steering Committee on the deliverables.


Qualifications of the consultant

We are looking for a consultant who

Being a reputed professional in the evaluation field is an added advantage.

Knowledge on EvalPartners, IOCE and EvalPartners networks is an added advantage.


Time frame and budget:


Application and Selection:

Please send your application (CV and cover letter) to Lynn Burgess by the 5th June 2017:

Lynn Burgess

Only short listed applicants will be notified with next steps.


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